Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our relationship is turn to sour. Suddenly what I feel towards you somewhat fades just like that. May be the magic has gone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Muffin!!!!

Guess who's haz a birthday today? *Drums rolls* Y.O.U. Muffin!!!

Happy Birthday Muffin! Hope you have one helluva sexylicious day ever!!! *draws a giant pinky heart* Blow the candle birthday boy ^_^
There comes a time in everyone's life when they lost their ability to act sanely, reason could be anything or anyone or maybe just nothing at all. Like what she did last night, she just said something that she didn't even have a gut to do it. But she said it to him."I'm ready, let's do it...tonight" she said. She took a deep breath, her heartbeat was growing faster, she didn't know what the hell on earth that made her have a courage to do it. She knew once she said it she could never took it back. A hefty dose of religious guilt will haunt her forever if she did it. Love blinds her.

A little smile of relief passes her lips, when he said "Don't do it. It's okay. I don't want you to do something that you'll regret it for the rest of your life". Tears flowed from her eyes. " do you know it? How do you know it that I'm afraid? Are you taking a mind-reading class at some psycho institute or something?" she said. " I just know it" he said. He understand her better than anyone else, she didn't have to tell him and he just knew it by looking into her eyes.

She whispered to his ear, " I love you and I would do anything for you". He held her hands and looked straight into her eyes and said "I know and I love you too. I want you but it's just not right thing to do". He wiped her tears away. He helped her to put her clothes on and kiss her on her forehead. They looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's always nice to hang out with my ex-SC team. Even we're not work in the same office since two years ago but we still manage to meet up. A great combination of some foods, some chit-chat, some laughter just made our day perfect. I dunno why but we always end up at Yuraku when we decide to meet. It wasn't the foods because frankly I'm sick already with the menu as I've been eating there like a hundred times. It's just because most of our team are really like to eat. Yeah We eat a lot, when I said a lot i really mean it a lot (I know then you will look at the picture and wonder "hmmm a lot, really? most of you are skinny bitches in that pic"), but that's the truth. And we can stay there like forever you just spend about IDR 110000 you eat and stay there for 2-3 hours or more without worrying they will kick you out from there.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


You say goodmorning when it’s midnight. Going out of my head, alone in this bed. I wake up to your sunset, It’s drivin’ me mad, I miss you so bad. And my heart, heart, heart is so Jetlagged. - Simple Plan.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Is A Beach (Karimun Jawa 2nd Trip)

I've always been a beach person.Strolling along the beach gives me an absolute unparalleled pleasure.

The sight of crystal clear water...

The waves hitting the shore, touching my feet and going away, leaving me back there just to wait for the next one.

The orange sunset...

Picking up seashells from the sandy beach and slipped them into my pocket.

Nice huh?

For me joys in life are simple. Like 3 days of heaven by the beach with friends and after 2 years *drum rolls* I went to Karimun Jawa Island for second time. It's famous for loads of beaches and beautiful scenery! I'll share some pics to convince you all why you need to visit this Island.

Too bad I couldn't swim even though I don't mind to jump into the sea (ofcourse with the help of life jacket) I never let myself go deep cos I think I’ll drown..smh. its like seriously!

And here we are in action ^_^

Last but not least I should thank my friends Cici, Vivi, Poeh, Esa and Juna for a Fun Trip and also for some of photo courtesy. Thank you guys
*pinky hearts start popping up in the air*

Saturday, October 1, 2011

If My Life had a Soundtrack

Mocca your song is the soundtrack of my October.


It is cold, in this October rain
I go to turn on TV
Sit on the couch feeling blue
Wait till the phone starts too ring
I start to think you forgot
Just as you always do
I don't want to hear your excuse bla..bla.bla
'Cause it all makes my day turn to gray

Feeling bored, it starts to haunt me again
I start to discover some clues
Wondering what you have done
Everything went really bad
Just as I always do
I don't want to hear your excuse bla..bla..bla
'Cause it all makes my day turn to gray

The time passes me by
As I listen to lullaby
When the phone start to ring
I am drowning in my dream

Sunday, September 25, 2011

She is clever, bright woman. But when men are about she could hide her brain in her handbag. She believe that the way to obtain men's approval are to pout, flutter and act like a dumb blondie girl. Yes it works but what she's got only jerks. When she start to flirt and act like a dumb blondie girl, she's inviting men to base their judgement on her sexuality. She's getting them to see her as sex objects only.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I woke up. Saw myself in the mirror. First thing that came to my mind, "I so need a haircut, Like, pretty soon!!"
And I actually went and got myself a haircut.I got rid of a bunch of split-ends...*sigh of relief*
And I today got the funniest/most retarded haircut I've had in these years. Must hide in my room for a couple of days lol.
Voilaaaaaaa here iz pic of me with a new hair cut ^_^

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go On, Give In To That Urge To Splurge

Big Sale is my biggest enemy! Every girl's enemy :P. Because we girls are all suckers for shoes, bags, outfits, make-up and all the things that can make us looks goods. It's start with window shopping...check out the cool outfit on sale and then you know that you can't resist the temptation to shop and you snap up two outfits in 10 minutes, try it and you love it and it's going to be a 10 mins of " buy" "not buy" "buy" "not buy" "buy" "not buy" session till you finally decide to buy it. You're so pleased with your purchases that you can't seem to wipe the silly grin off your face.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

That easy, my dear, you’re going to forget what we called “us”.

Something about us, doesn't seem right these days.

The intensity of missing you has faded out little by little.

We lost the bond we used to share.

They’re missing. I’m lost.

.. and you’re not even here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Expectation is a Bitch.

She sat in front of PC, logged on to her messenger. She sighed "He's not online". She waited and hoped a green dot showed up beside his name. But after 15 mins waiting, nothing happened he didn't come out online, only silence. she kept looking to her PC screen, he promised he would be online but he broke his promise again like the other days. She got up. Left. Walked to the window. She stared out of the window, staring at the trees outside. The morning was so peaceful and she was alone, all alone. Alone with her thoughts, sometimes she got that so lonely feeling and it just makes sense for her to give up but she couldn't. She pondered about how her life gone by. Regret, failure, love fools her...many times but she never learned from it so she fell into same hole again and again. She was sad. Very, very sad. What was she thinking?

She walked to her bed and lied down her body.The weather was getting colder; she could feel it through her naked skin, and the fact that she had no blanket to cover her body made her mood even worse. She tried to close her eyes and then suddenly some of memories of things recalled. About how her life could have been something better. About so many small things she missed. About him. The feeling she had on her chest, something like it wanted to get out — it’s always like this when she's having him in her mind. How she felt it was just plain hard for her to breathe. How every tip of her body is aching for his presence. How she suddenly just couldn't stop thinking about him. She missed everything about spending quality times with him, even when it only includes random jokes and pointless chat.

But then again the fact that he wasn't here and maybe will never be here, she expect too much on him. That thing never happened for real. He was a part of a dream that never happened. Never. She knew it.

P.S. Pic isn't mine and I found it somewhere in Google I guess.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes the truth should be kept where it belongs - in the witness box. Because, sometimes, lies are, well, kinder...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fat Day

Lurveeeeees my Saturday. Physically mega tired but mentally mega satisfied. Eat like a bear and you bet I'm going to need to hibernate after this but as I said many times that a gastronomic blow-out every once in a while is fine, right? Enough good laugh & good companies for today. Thanks gurlz ^-^

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reni's Wedding

Yesterday I went to Reni's wedding. I dressed up, put make up on because me, Cici and Nunik decided to use same kebaya that we wore on Elly's wedding. Frankly I'm not a kind of girl who like to put a make up on my face but it's kinda weird if you're not put make up on if you wore Kebaya, so I did.
The first thing that will get my attention in every wedding are the bride and her wedding dress. I go 'Aww' overtime I look at a wedding dress or look at people getting married. Reni looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. Ahhhh I wanna look beautiful at my wedding too, I want to look h.o.t in my wedding dress okay?!! And I’ve always fantasized about my dream man (the prince charming I have spent my whole life waiting for, would you come to me soon, no?) and of course that perfect wedding.

Here's the pic of us with the bride :)

Nunik, me and Cici

Cici and Me

Reni & Yanto wish you both a very happy wedding ^_^

Photo courtesy: GeGenya Cici

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Karaoke was SUPER, yesterday! One of my friend Cici had a birthday bash and treat us for dinner and karaoke. Me, Cici, M'tutiyk, Esa and Deri (yep it was like reunion of Semarang Trip) even I haven't slept a day before but I could not resist Cici invitation for karaoke. Hahaha yep I'm kinda addicted to karaoke recently. Just FYI I went to karaoke four times in last 8 days.
We made long playlist and as usual Kisah Terindah by Warna would be my favorite song for karaoke until Cici pick one song from Christina Perry "Jar of Hearts" and we did duet. I never thought that I would be that EMO when I sang that song. We sang really "well" and we were "awesome" and I guess we deserved standing ovation :D
That song made me realize that I'm a bathroom-singer no more. That was kinda the idea behind the karaoke thing for me. To see if there was real musical talent or if it was just all in my head. Hahaha okay that statement is joke. I'm not a good singer, not even close to good :P
I know that onward I should add "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perry on my list of SongThatMustSingAtKaraoke *nods* Happy birthday Cici & thank you for the treat it was super fun.

Photo Courtesy: GeGenya Cici

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Made My Lunch ^.^

I'm a girl who is so lazy to cook even I have a hobby to collect recipe books but only few of those recipe that I ever try and this is one of them.

My first teriyaki...easy to made and I must say I'm not that bad at cooking, at least my mom, dad and my cuzzin said it's taste good and I'm like having supawheeeeeee ^_^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be A Kid!!!

Life is hectic, the pressure is work, home, school and everywhere. I have always been concerned with making the chores of everyday life less tiresome and distasteful. How???? That's a big question, no? Be a kid!!! I say. Going back to childhood and remembering what you liked. Hmmmm such as riding a roller coaster....Hahaha no no no I'm the kind of person who gets nervous about going for any of those adrenaline rush pursuits activity. May be it was the most exhilarating experience for some people but not me...yeah call me coward I don't care :P I'm thinking about something more simple and fun. Here are two things that you can do and it wont hurt you at all, I promise ^.^

>>Milk Up!!!
Milk let us stand tall and help build strong bones, I know it's not work for an adult like me :D but remember the fun of eating your Oreo biscuits and dunk em' in some milk. Yeah load up milk on cereal, lattes, smoothies or cookies-just like the kiddos do. Or you can licks on your chocolate ice cream does it sound yummmm? No? How about eat milk candy? A choco-peanut delight disguised in buble-gummy glazed shells...ohhh those colourful, cute and bite-size chocs. Hehe I don't have to mention candy's brand name cuz you know it....

>>Be Silly!!!
Notice how kids giggle and guffaw easily at, well , anything? They have the great ability to laugh at themselves and shrug things off. Watch cartoon like Tom and Jerry and laugh your ass off I don't care if someone think that cartoon is only for kiddos cuz I love it. When life gets way complicated listen to tunes made for kids and smile. Wanna proof??? Listen to kindie rock like Jack Johnson's Curious George OST, fun but you still can rock out ^.^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Five Friends. Four Days. One Goal: Have Fun

Yeah finally I had my vacation and as usual any get away that takes me away from work for more than 24 hours counts as a real vacation.The weather was hot, and it was so tiring! But it's fun...
Well I won't write a long story about my vacation. Just look, look at us, look at our photos, look at our cheery face there, look and then judge from CRAPPY to HAPPY, where were we?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Don’t Know What To Define You As... Except Friend

We've known each other for like 5-6 years. I remember our relationship is started as supplier and customer and later it turned out to be a beautiful friendship. She was one of my customer in the company where I work now. She's a nice girl...even we only communicate through phone and email and so began super awesome friendship. It's amazing how our friendship can last for a long time even we never meet face to face. She lives in Singapore and every time she visit Indonesia she always told me to see if there's a chance for us to meet each other but due to so many reason we never met each other until last month. It was short meeting but I know that I never wrong about her.Yep she sweet and nice. Meet my friend Fifi Hui Hui guys...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never too old to be the birthday girl

May 19th, 2011 marks my 29th year on this planet. 29 years of surprising adventures, and I expect nothing less as my life continues. Wish me a very, very, very happy birthday, folks!!!! A very very big number, no? well, at 29, you expect someone to take a chill pill already about turning a year older, 1 more year before I hit the big three O. Frankly I'm not sure. I feel like a legitimate grown-up yet. In my heart I still fell like 19, although in my head I think like I'm slightly older. And I don't necessarily want my heart to catch up with my head either. It's much easier and lot more fun to be irresponsible, immature and slightly naughty, isn't it? Just admit it that sometimes we're battling with that is the very childish desire to burst into tears, to go back to being two feet high and knowing that our mum would always be around to look out for us.

Aaaaaaaaaand ....(drum rolls)....birthday came with pleasant surprises. It started well, and ended better...thanks to my lovely, lovely friends.My phone, my facebook and twitter was engaged the whole day long receiving birthday wishes...

And oh,I got a LATE birthday present yesterday :D - A dress. My friends Nila & Dhita gifted it to me! :D:D

Here's my birthday gift. :)

And their wishes :)

And here's my pic wearing my b'day gift :)

But then again the most frightening thought of my life to date poped up. A series of panic-inducing questions all at one. What age I'm planning to be married? Where I plan to live? How many kids I'd like to have? Still no answer. It's not that i don't want to start a family yet but it's just time that hasn't come.Okay...Mr Gorgeous, Mr Talented, Mr Popular, Mr Sophisticated is it you what I'm looking for? :D No, I just need my Mr Right to pop into my life soon.

I'm starting to feel the need to be a little more serious about work, money and money management.I think I'll never get to use mere youth as an excuse for messing up ever again :D I'm all grown -up, I'm the one who'll be in charge of my life!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Recently I'm so likey to see women with a hijab, they look so pretty and stylish with a various style of hijab. As a moslem of course i really want to wear a hijab (I hope soon) but I'm still beginner so here's my first attempt to wear a hijab :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank God it's Friday 13th

Whoever said Friday 13th is scary well mine is not...why because somethings awesome happened to me on Friday 13th.

1. I received my letter of salary adjustment...I dunno i should say yay or nay considering the figure it's not like what I expected but still at least I will receive bigger salaries this month so I decide to Wheeeeeeeee ^-^
2. I laughed alot that day...people around me start joke about this increment which is hella shake my belly...

3. It's so important to celebrate this pay rise by treating myself to some of my favorite things. After all, what's the point of earning all that money if you can't enjoy it, right? So me and friends decided to go for dinner and karaoke. That night was craaaazeee, we made our song list and sing like crazy people, we even had a battle who's sing better and you know what awesome about karaoke is you got an excuse to sing the lamest song on earth without have to feel fucking guilty about it :). In short I had a mad night last night. Good music, good food and an amazing set of people; I had a blast.

4. Last but not least that happened to me on Friday 13th, one of my wish came true..hehehe...It was my advance b'day wish and he made it come true...Thanks Muffin

Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Attempt To Forget

Here I am again. I can’t remember how many times I’ve found myself sitting in front of a computer with blue eyes and blue shirt with blue sighs waiting a green dot line appears with your name or hoping you make a call or at least leave a note. You're the only one that always come to mind. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting but you never come. Sometimes I told myself to take all of your memories and threw them in the ocean. Just like that they drowned on impact or may be I should put your names in boxes, packs it away for a while and move somewhere far like North Pole or anywhere just as long as it's not here *points to heart* so may be I could forget you, no?