Thursday, January 26, 2012


The pretty doll with amazing white dress, like a princess. They wrapped her in a beautiful transparant box and put it in etalase. Until someone owned her, played with her. She was a puppet to her owner. She was pulled and twisted to play out her owner's dreams until her owner got bored with her.She was no longer loved. And now there she is, sitting on the high bookshelf, covered by dust and cobweb. Like a rag doll they didn't desire. Had no use for. But one thing hadn't change, she kept that pretty smile on her face.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is getting boring you know. The two of us, keep fighting over the same thing. I don't like your way of escaping from situation. You are behaving like an alien from planet Bimbo. Our friendship is approaching it’s expiration date, no? Because we grew bitterly apart day by day. Our relationSHIP is going to sink and I can do nothing but ponder. Is it worth sticking through the rough or is it finally time to throw in the towel? Arrrrrgghhh sometimes in life, we realize things much too late. For me it took 3 fuckin years to realize that all you did destroyed me and all my visions.