Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reni's Wedding

Yesterday I went to Reni's wedding. I dressed up, put make up on because me, Cici and Nunik decided to use same kebaya that we wore on Elly's wedding. Frankly I'm not a kind of girl who like to put a make up on my face but it's kinda weird if you're not put make up on if you wore Kebaya, so I did.
The first thing that will get my attention in every wedding are the bride and her wedding dress. I go 'Aww' overtime I look at a wedding dress or look at people getting married. Reni looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. Ahhhh I wanna look beautiful at my wedding too, I want to look h.o.t in my wedding dress okay?!! And I’ve always fantasized about my dream man (the prince charming I have spent my whole life waiting for, would you come to me soon, no?) and of course that perfect wedding.

Here's the pic of us with the bride :)

Nunik, me and Cici

Cici and Me

Reni & Yanto wish you both a very happy wedding ^_^

Photo courtesy: GeGenya Cici

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