Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Is A Beach (Karimun Jawa 2nd Trip)

I've always been a beach person.Strolling along the beach gives me an absolute unparalleled pleasure.

The sight of crystal clear water...

The waves hitting the shore, touching my feet and going away, leaving me back there just to wait for the next one.

The orange sunset...

Picking up seashells from the sandy beach and slipped them into my pocket.

Nice huh?

For me joys in life are simple. Like 3 days of heaven by the beach with friends and after 2 years *drum rolls* I went to Karimun Jawa Island for second time. It's famous for loads of beaches and beautiful scenery! I'll share some pics to convince you all why you need to visit this Island.

Too bad I couldn't swim even though I don't mind to jump into the sea (ofcourse with the help of life jacket) I never let myself go deep cos I think I’ll drown..smh. its like seriously!

And here we are in action ^_^

Last but not least I should thank my friends Cici, Vivi, Poeh, Esa and Juna for a Fun Trip and also for some of photo courtesy. Thank you guys
*pinky hearts start popping up in the air*


  1. Oh these lovely-lovely pictures. I wanna go there too. <3