Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never too old to be the birthday girl

May 19th, 2011 marks my 29th year on this planet. 29 years of surprising adventures, and I expect nothing less as my life continues. Wish me a very, very, very happy birthday, folks!!!! A very very big number, no? well, at 29, you expect someone to take a chill pill already about turning a year older, 1 more year before I hit the big three O. Frankly I'm not sure. I feel like a legitimate grown-up yet. In my heart I still fell like 19, although in my head I think like I'm slightly older. And I don't necessarily want my heart to catch up with my head either. It's much easier and lot more fun to be irresponsible, immature and slightly naughty, isn't it? Just admit it that sometimes we're battling with that is the very childish desire to burst into tears, to go back to being two feet high and knowing that our mum would always be around to look out for us.

Aaaaaaaaaand ....(drum rolls)....birthday came with pleasant surprises. It started well, and ended better...thanks to my lovely, lovely friends.My phone, my facebook and twitter was engaged the whole day long receiving birthday wishes...

And oh,I got a LATE birthday present yesterday :D - A dress. My friends Nila & Dhita gifted it to me! :D:D

Here's my birthday gift. :)

And their wishes :)

And here's my pic wearing my b'day gift :)

But then again the most frightening thought of my life to date poped up. A series of panic-inducing questions all at one. What age I'm planning to be married? Where I plan to live? How many kids I'd like to have? Still no answer. It's not that i don't want to start a family yet but it's just time that hasn't come.Okay...Mr Gorgeous, Mr Talented, Mr Popular, Mr Sophisticated is it you what I'm looking for? :D No, I just need my Mr Right to pop into my life soon.

I'm starting to feel the need to be a little more serious about work, money and money management.I think I'll never get to use mere youth as an excuse for messing up ever again :D I'm all grown -up, I'm the one who'll be in charge of my life!!!


  1. akhirnya Siti sudah mulai Narciss.. Alhamdulillah ya Allah semakin banyak temen gw yang sehobi

  2. Masih belajar Ci...Tolong dibantu ya :D

  3. I think you are right about giving your career and yourself a priority right now ... when you are ready you will know. What's the hurry! :)

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