Friday, March 25, 2011

Start Fraaaaaandsheeeeep With Ms. Piggie

Today is awesome day, why? Because I just received my annual incentive plan letter. I can not wipe the grin off my face. This is biggest incentive that I ever earned in my sixth year working at this company *insert joyful squeal*
Between grinning like an idiot and grinning like an idiot, I know I have been grinning like an idiot and wheeeeee sound that I made then soooo many plan begin to pop out in my mind. Ohkay and here are the list:

1. Vacation for sure
2. New bag, dress and a(nother) pair of shoes
3. A new Phone android or Blackberry (I prefer the first one tho)
4. Fancy dinner
5. Ipod
6. and many more

OOOh no wait *press pause and then rewind button* I may become jobless on October and I still don't have enough money to start business on my own. I need to survive if I become jobless (I hope that's not gonna happen, pray for me my fraaaaaaaaaands). I need to make priority, "SAVING & INVEST" those two words keep ringing loud and clear maybe it's should be tattoed on my forehead so i can see it everytime I look at to the mirror. It's time to tightening the belt and start my financial planning. Yes yes It's time to start fraaaaaandsheeeeep with Ms. Piggy.

Pic courtesy: Google lead me here piggy bank

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Have you ever go through "Friendshift" stages in your life? I believe all of us have gone through that stage. As we get older and move in different directions, some friendships pass their sell-by date. But it's nothing to be ashamed of because it's natural to let old acquaintances go. Stop catastrophising and no need to make a dramatic exit. We just need to remember that not all friendships are made to last.
Tough, no? It is at the first time as we may feel a massive sense of betrayal and failure too. Well I'm not suggesting you to end it up, patch it up first if you can but when there's nothing that you can do to keep your friendship and the alarm bell is ringing loud and clear telling you that's it's time to bail then let it go because staying in a toxic friendship is not doing anyone any favors too.
Than you think of negative thing when you have to end up friendship why don't you think positive like you can make new fiends that more suited to who you are today.
Well say cheeeeeeeers to new Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaandsheeeeeeeeeeeepp ^-^