Sunday, March 25, 2012


She is head-over-heels for this guy, he's literally flipped her world upside down and she still don't know how to recover. He's become a part of her daily routine and she can't spend a day not seeing/hearing from him.
This guy...he has the ability to change her live and in a second, he has the ability to ruin it. He has the ability to make her doubt herself.He occupy her head for so long.
And then what? He’s head-over-heels for something else. He totally blind-sides her and tells her, that he needs to see where he is in life first. In other words, he only wanted to play. But she keep justifying this guy and stand up for him. She puts her fucking trust in him. And she totally fuck herself over. And she never stop to think...she just do it.
It's scary, how she becomes somebody she would've failed to recognize a few years ago. And she has become this, in his shadow. Chasing him, in and out of the light.