Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Escapade to Kawah Putih Ciwedey

Here’s the story of a girl who (hasn’t taken a break from work for the past 10 months) goes on a quick getaway to laze an entire day away.
In need of some serious mind, body and soul rejuvenation, me and friends pack our bag and hop on to a car head off to the highland of Ciwedey. As we touched down of Kawah Putih around 11.00AM, a beautiful view just took my breath away. It’s marvelous sight up in the mountain and also beautiful cauldron called “Kawah Putih”. We took a lot of pics. Yeah who can resist not posing with a beautiful view as a background, aite? Here are some of our poses…enjoy 

After spent around 2 hours there then we go on to next destination….Strawberry Farm. The journey is scenic on our way down the hill. Small yet pleasantly renovated houses line the road and a lot of them have gardens of flowers, some for sale on the spot. We reach strawberry farm and all of us can’t resist picking fresh strawberry from the farm and eating it on the spot….Whoooaaa surprisingly its taste sweet not like strawberry that we used to eat in Jakarta…It’s so exciting… look at us in action 

After that we’re going to our next destination Bandung “a retail-therapy haven”…yeah much to the delight of shopaholic within me. But our plan is ruined by traffic. Most of factory outlet in Bandung closed on 9.00PM and we had to make a quick move and do some last minute shopping. Even we couldn’t find item that we want due to short time that we have I still bought something. It’s a floral print bag *grin*.
We continue our journey in Bandung. We take in the sight and sense of sidewalk around DAGO street till midnight :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Is Not A Goodbye

Friday Nov 26, 2010 was last day of my ex-supervisor work in our ofc...Yeah she left us to start a new job in her new office which I believe will be much way better than our ofc now.
It was sad moment when I had to say goodbye to her, I couldn't hold my tears. She meant a lot to me. She taught me a lot of thing. Some people know her as vicious woman but as one of junior who ever work under her I know her as a very nice & caring woman. It was just the way she express her feeling...she don't like to be courteous, she's to the point kind of woman. I feel truly blessed to have you as my supervisor in my work life. Maybe I never make you proud and I’m deeply sorry for put you in a trouble when I’m doing mistake, for silly question that I ever asked. Big thanks for your help, for being understand, for being patience…
I love you Mba Ririn...Don't forget us...This is not a goodbye as I believe we will come across again someday. I wish you all the best in your new ofc.
Here is a pic of me, mba Ririn (on the left side who used a black Hijab) and all colleagues who love her so much.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

It's 9:00pm and I'm not doing anything. I should be doing my report that's due tomorrow or sleep, but I'm milking it out instead I log in to my blog and write this post. My sleep schedule has been kinda crazy for the past 2 weeks,someone told me that lack of sleep makes us look older, increases our risk of diabetes and cancer. Oh my God I'm going to die! Aaah! Sleep! Sleeeeeeep! I don't wanna die young....But I couldn't go to sleep...I couldn't. Why????? I dunno...They said that stress is fuel for an insomniac ride. Am I stress now? Maybe...pressure at work. Yeah Monday to Friday are just crazy, I have an eight-to-five job. Eight to five my ass. The reality is more likely 8 to 8 - that is AM to PM and sometime longer than that. It's just non-stop movement and thinking and I really wish I could take a break from all that crazy-ness.*sigh*

Last Friday I woke up with a head so heavy like a bulldozer. I woke up at 6AM. I should go to work but with that stupid headache I promptly go back to sleep for four hours, wake up, and go to the doctor. Doctor said that I'm too tired my blood pressure is just too loooooow 80/60, my weight is only 42 Kgs from normal weight 45 Kgs. I look so pale like a *zombie*. I should put more attention to my health and eat health food.

I wish Muffin is here by my side. Give me a hug and I know I will be fine. SOS for Muffin..... where are thou....???? It's been a week I haven't seen you :( Do you miss me like I miss you?

Then I turn on my music player and play a song called "A World without You" by Emma Bunton. When I first heard that song, I was so immediately connected to the track after hearing the lyric.This song is a very personal one to me.It’s wholely about how I feel about Muffin. yeah I missed Muffin quite terribly..

Try to hear the lyric...

I know that you can hear the rhythm of the rain/Although we're miles apart I know you feel my pain/I try to be so strong I try to carry on/But since you left the sun don't seem to shine.

Everything that I touch turns to blue/When I'm living in a world without you/I'm going crazy baby I am missing you/Can't imagine all I go through when I'm living in a world without you/I'm not alone I know that you can feel it too.

Btw tomorrow is Muffin's birthday I wish him all the happiness in the world!! Much love to you Muffin xoxo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Right Guy Wrong Country

Whoever said that Long Distance Relationship can be easy should be shot on the butt.

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is not something that I want. Whyyy????
Firstly, there's the fact that we rarely get cuddle up and the time difference that's suck. I remember woke up at midnight and said "It's 7pm his time - I'll chat with him now!"
Secondly, do I have resources for LDR? No I don't and that's the big problem. Yeah we can hook up via phone (which is caused hefty bill at the end of the month), email, skype as often as we can but I can't see myself spending money to fly to the middle of nowhere just for him alone.
It's hard and I admit that sometimes I break down and cry because I miss him so much. LDR can seem like torture at times. It can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster with sudden highs followed by big lows. I remember that I keep a good supply of tissues by the bed...sounds silly huh but believe me it's useful tips.
And after think and think and think I don't see long term future for us. I don't think it would be wise for me to continue considering everything it would take for us to maintain a long distance situation. But I'm not ready to give up yet...I love him too much :(

P.S. Pic that I use in this post is not my courtesy...

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Want Curves!!!!

I have a "zero" size and I'm not so happy with it. Some people think that I must be kind of girl who never eats. But the truth is, I eat a lot and I have weakness for chocolate, ice cream, muffin and cheese. I know there's a lot of girls out there who jealous of me cuz I've always been skinny no matter how much I ate and FYI I lose weight easily.

On the other side some friends are always telling me:"Oh how lucky you are to have that size, it must be not hard for you to find clothes." Hey I tell you it's not that easy. Sometimes I had to find my clothes on Kid's Dept, I use size 12 for kid...yeah...yeah...yeah I'm that skinny. It's hard for me to carry off a lot of clothes especially for the feminine dress cuz my lack of boobs and ass.

I wish I had a curves!!! I want the boobs and the ass!!! I want that chubby cheeks!!! And yeah I would be very happy when someone told me: " Hey you gained some weight ya." But it doesn't mean that I wanna be fat :P I just want curves!!! Curves like this ^_^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

♥ ♥ Oh Boy….♥ ♥

♥ ♥ Oh Boy….♥ ♥

When you look me in the eye

I feel so high in the sky

When you just pass me by

I sometimes think I’m gonna die

I’m trying….I’m trying…

to make your heart start beating

Whenever you look at me smiling

It’s me for whom you’ve been waiting


Miss Muffin

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Please Be Nice To Me

9 Months 9 Days 11 Hours 36 Mins I have through year of 2010.

M going through the lowest phase of my life….!!! :(

M feelin so low..down-in-the-dumps kinda feelin’..:(

This is worst year that I ever had.

It’s even worst than 2007 when my ex-BF betrayed me.

It’s like my worst nightmare ever multiply it by 100 equals.

It taste like bitter pill that I have to swallow everyday. Really bites!!! And believe me, that feeling sucks…

But I have to go through….I’m trying not to complain too much, not too cursing and not to compare my life with other people whose in fact more lucky than I am…

I’m trying to be happy with what I have since I can’t say that my life is a total hell hole. I mean how ungrateful can I be then aite?

Just trying hard to hang tough, even though it seems like the hardest thing to do…After all Shit does happen aite?

Yeah there’s God…There’s hope!!! I think deep inside of me, I still have a little slightest hope for hope itself…Ciao Buubuu!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paramore - The Only Exception (Video)

I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it and now the lyric is kinda stuck in my head :)

Cruela Devil

Whoaaaa…I really wanna scream hell out loud “Oh no!!! Mayday….Mayday!!!!! Somebody help me get out of this place…My job really made me go insane”.

Well I’m really stressed out actually…always on the edge of snapping at everyone…*sigh*

Major source of my anger is my boss, Mrs. Bitch. But confronting with her is not easy to do. There’s unwritten rules that said Boss is always right. Yeah she always right and I always wrong in her point of view. Every night I’m going back home the first thing I do is giving my family or friends an earful over Mrs. Bitch. But no matter how I rant to the whole world Mrs. Bitch is still going to be there tomorrow. It’s so devastated. I almost depressed at one point.

I just want one week where I’m not in pain emotionally or phisically. That’s not too much to ask right????????????????

Friday, October 1, 2010

(^_^) Hello Muffin (^_^)

Seriously! Seriously. I was starting to think you had died cuz suddenly you dissapeared off my radar. NOT ok. I’ve missed you. But after 17 days waiting finally Muffin’s back and I hope he’s back for good.

Welcome back Muffin :D Like always…I love to say this to you:

P.S. I know it looks more like cupcake than muffin but I can't find a better pic :D


Muffin’s lover

Monday, September 27, 2010

Writing To Reach You

Dear Muffin,

It's been great to know you. For me you're one of my best friend. We've chat, laugh and even do bad things together. But why must you leave me so soon? It feels like you just came and now you
already left me here all alone. Can't you please stay a little longer? cuz i will miss you so much when you're gone and you know that aite?

Muffin why do you have to stay away from my life for I dunno how long? It could be like hmmm...forever. You're even taking half of my heart with you. Why? Don't you know what I've been going through after the moment you left?

With that. In mind, I like you to please consider to come back again. It would be much appreciated cuz i missed you and will always miss you.