Monday, September 27, 2010

Writing To Reach You

Dear Muffin,

It's been great to know you. For me you're one of my best friend. We've chat, laugh and even do bad things together. But why must you leave me so soon? It feels like you just came and now you
already left me here all alone. Can't you please stay a little longer? cuz i will miss you so much when you're gone and you know that aite?

Muffin why do you have to stay away from my life for I dunno how long? It could be like hmmm...forever. You're even taking half of my heart with you. Why? Don't you know what I've been going through after the moment you left?

With that. In mind, I like you to please consider to come back again. It would be much appreciated cuz i missed you and will always miss you.