Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be A Kid!!!

Life is hectic, the pressure is work, home, school and everywhere. I have always been concerned with making the chores of everyday life less tiresome and distasteful. How???? That's a big question, no? Be a kid!!! I say. Going back to childhood and remembering what you liked. Hmmmm such as riding a roller coaster....Hahaha no no no I'm the kind of person who gets nervous about going for any of those adrenaline rush pursuits activity. May be it was the most exhilarating experience for some people but not me...yeah call me coward I don't care :P I'm thinking about something more simple and fun. Here are two things that you can do and it wont hurt you at all, I promise ^.^

>>Milk Up!!!
Milk let us stand tall and help build strong bones, I know it's not work for an adult like me :D but remember the fun of eating your Oreo biscuits and dunk em' in some milk. Yeah load up milk on cereal, lattes, smoothies or cookies-just like the kiddos do. Or you can licks on your chocolate ice cream does it sound yummmm? No? How about eat milk candy? A choco-peanut delight disguised in buble-gummy glazed shells...ohhh those colourful, cute and bite-size chocs. Hehe I don't have to mention candy's brand name cuz you know it....

>>Be Silly!!!
Notice how kids giggle and guffaw easily at, well , anything? They have the great ability to laugh at themselves and shrug things off. Watch cartoon like Tom and Jerry and laugh your ass off I don't care if someone think that cartoon is only for kiddos cuz I love it. When life gets way complicated listen to tunes made for kids and smile. Wanna proof??? Listen to kindie rock like Jack Johnson's Curious George OST, fun but you still can rock out ^.^

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