Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Karaoke was SUPER, yesterday! One of my friend Cici had a birthday bash and treat us for dinner and karaoke. Me, Cici, M'tutiyk, Esa and Deri (yep it was like reunion of Semarang Trip) even I haven't slept a day before but I could not resist Cici invitation for karaoke. Hahaha yep I'm kinda addicted to karaoke recently. Just FYI I went to karaoke four times in last 8 days.
We made long playlist and as usual Kisah Terindah by Warna would be my favorite song for karaoke until Cici pick one song from Christina Perry "Jar of Hearts" and we did duet. I never thought that I would be that EMO when I sang that song. We sang really "well" and we were "awesome" and I guess we deserved standing ovation :D
That song made me realize that I'm a bathroom-singer no more. That was kinda the idea behind the karaoke thing for me. To see if there was real musical talent or if it was just all in my head. Hahaha okay that statement is joke. I'm not a good singer, not even close to good :P
I know that onward I should add "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perry on my list of SongThatMustSingAtKaraoke *nods* Happy birthday Cici & thank you for the treat it was super fun.

Photo Courtesy: GeGenya Cici

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