Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Escapade to Kawah Putih Ciwedey

Here’s the story of a girl who (hasn’t taken a break from work for the past 10 months) goes on a quick getaway to laze an entire day away.
In need of some serious mind, body and soul rejuvenation, me and friends pack our bag and hop on to a car head off to the highland of Ciwedey. As we touched down of Kawah Putih around 11.00AM, a beautiful view just took my breath away. It’s marvelous sight up in the mountain and also beautiful cauldron called “Kawah Putih”. We took a lot of pics. Yeah who can resist not posing with a beautiful view as a background, aite? Here are some of our poses…enjoy 

After spent around 2 hours there then we go on to next destination….Strawberry Farm. The journey is scenic on our way down the hill. Small yet pleasantly renovated houses line the road and a lot of them have gardens of flowers, some for sale on the spot. We reach strawberry farm and all of us can’t resist picking fresh strawberry from the farm and eating it on the spot….Whoooaaa surprisingly its taste sweet not like strawberry that we used to eat in Jakarta…It’s so exciting… look at us in action 

After that we’re going to our next destination Bandung “a retail-therapy haven”…yeah much to the delight of shopaholic within me. But our plan is ruined by traffic. Most of factory outlet in Bandung closed on 9.00PM and we had to make a quick move and do some last minute shopping. Even we couldn’t find item that we want due to short time that we have I still bought something. It’s a floral print bag *grin*.
We continue our journey in Bandung. We take in the sight and sense of sidewalk around DAGO street till midnight :)

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