Monday, October 18, 2010

I Want Curves!!!!

I have a "zero" size and I'm not so happy with it. Some people think that I must be kind of girl who never eats. But the truth is, I eat a lot and I have weakness for chocolate, ice cream, muffin and cheese. I know there's a lot of girls out there who jealous of me cuz I've always been skinny no matter how much I ate and FYI I lose weight easily.

On the other side some friends are always telling me:"Oh how lucky you are to have that size, it must be not hard for you to find clothes." Hey I tell you it's not that easy. Sometimes I had to find my clothes on Kid's Dept, I use size 12 for kid...yeah...yeah...yeah I'm that skinny. It's hard for me to carry off a lot of clothes especially for the feminine dress cuz my lack of boobs and ass.

I wish I had a curves!!! I want the boobs and the ass!!! I want that chubby cheeks!!! And yeah I would be very happy when someone told me: " Hey you gained some weight ya." But it doesn't mean that I wanna be fat :P I just want curves!!! Curves like this ^_^


  1. that's the funnies blog post i ever read, really!

  2. hahaha thanks, glad you like it Zac :D