Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cruela Devil

Whoaaaa…I really wanna scream hell out loud “Oh no!!! Mayday….Mayday!!!!! Somebody help me get out of this place…My job really made me go insane”.

Well I’m really stressed out actually…always on the edge of snapping at everyone…*sigh*

Major source of my anger is my boss, Mrs. Bitch. But confronting with her is not easy to do. There’s unwritten rules that said Boss is always right. Yeah she always right and I always wrong in her point of view. Every night I’m going back home the first thing I do is giving my family or friends an earful over Mrs. Bitch. But no matter how I rant to the whole world Mrs. Bitch is still going to be there tomorrow. It’s so devastated. I almost depressed at one point.

I just want one week where I’m not in pain emotionally or phisically. That’s not too much to ask right????????????????

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