Sunday, January 9, 2011

People Change...Face it!!!!

I've learnt that people change, really bites and I have to face that fact and move on...I know right...It's even happen to friendship. We meet people...and all start to happen. From the shy first smiles and hellos, the chit-chats, the pigging-outs, the sharings, the the bitter fights and sometimes it's end up with sour goodbyes.
Sad???? Yeah especially if you expect to meet your friends in primary school and expect them to stay with you as your friends or best friend even when you're nudging 30 or older. Cookie-cutter perfection, right? And when they don't that's when you feel a massive sense of betrayal and failure too at not being able to keep the friendship on the same intense level. But that's how the life it goes...Nothing last forever...yeah nothing...
For those of you who have long lasting friendship...I bows to you cuz you're lucky person to have friends like them.

p.s. I write this post cuz this time last year….everything was so different...last year we chat & hang out a lot, this year we start to lose some. I hope it's just a long see you later not goodbye. Because I hate goodbyes, I got misty eyes as they said farewell. I love you my friends

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