Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Old Picture That Cracks Me Up LOL Smiley Face

Well one of my friend Huseyin Cuga from Turkey had a vacation to Croatia on September 2010 and he suprised me with one of his email after he returned. He sent me a picture, he held a bottle of cola which have brand like my name "Siti Cola" in that picture. Yeah he just succeeded to crack me up LOL smiley face once I saw that picture.

P.S. Photo Courtesy : Huseyin Cuga


  1. That's the best thing about pictures ... a lot of them have so many memories involved! :)

  2. but this cola can be better when drink with you:))

  3. @Tanvi: yeah :)

    @Huseyin: We'll do it someday okay but not with cola I want something else :)