Thursday, November 15, 2012


I asked him if he loved me. He stayed quiet, and shuffled around for a bit. I told him how much I loved him.I told him I was crazy about him. He still stayed quiet. I looked him in the eyes, he chuckled and said "I don't think it'll work out, this little dance we're doing. I mean I love you and all, much more than I thought possible or probable. but see, baby, I love you as a friend not a lover that's it."
"Well I know, I know you will never love me as a lover. At least stay with me. Don't leave. I need you and I cannot be without. I'm sorry, I won't even try. Never let me fall unless we're falling together. Make a pinky promise to me please!!!" I said
He whispered on my ear " I won't baby, I promise."

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