Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hüseyin Cuga

I would like to introduce one of the awesomest and coolest and amazing person that I've met through facebook. Since most of you are probably still unenlightened on who's I'm talking about, I shall explain the entire story from the beginning on how our friendship is started.

Once upon a time in 2007 or 2008 (cuz I didn't remember exact time when this happened), there was a girl named Emma who liked to stalk through Facebook and find some random friend around the world. Thanks to Facebook, this social media enabled her to click on friend list of one of her friend which directed her to a list of some people's profile and among all those names there was one that stood out the most which is *drum rolls*:

Hüseyin cuga

Really, i'm not kidding, hmmmm...okay to be honest his profile picture was so uhmmm yeah that...handsome ;)

And I have confession to make that I ever got a crush on him. Hey chill girls I said crush not love, you all still can do an Olympic sprint and get him anyway (p.s. He's still single).

Moving on, Emma clicked on his name, which directed her to his profile. She read his info and his wall page (well at that time most of people still going public and not lock out their identity and wall page) and her interest growing, Emma finally clicked on his photos button, which made her say wah he's a handsome guy. She sent friend request and after couple days she checked again and discovered that he finally accepted her friend request and since that day a super awesome friendship was formed.

Later she found out that Hüseyin is amazing guy that enjoyed his life too much. She said too much because she's kinda envy of how awesome his life is.He loves traveling and having so much fun with his life. And even he's busy enjoying his awesome life like sipping cocktails on beaches with white sparkly sand(lol), or partying and getting high on weed (I'm kidding about the weed part), jelly shots and everything in between, he still has time to email and text all the details of his traveling tale to Emma. While Emma thousand yards apart from Hüseyin wrapped up in her blanky, lying on her bed, sucking the thumb on her left finger and thinking bout how she envy and wish that she could join on his vacation everytime she received digital postcard from Hüseyin. Anyhoooo she's being omg-so-enthusiastic about the Hüseyin vacation thing she couldn't help it but share her awesome vacation pictures to Hüseyin which she has maybe only once in year meanwhile Hüseyin has like 6 times or more in a year. See that's the reason why Emma is jealous of Hüseyin.

Time fly by and it's been almost 4 years and they still share their traveling stories which is kinda awesome cuz they both have things in common, they love adventure and beach so much. Emma really wish that someday she could meet Hüseyin and has amazing vacation together :)

Cheers to our friendship Hüseyin Cuga :)

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  1. sounds deep :) , Siti is an awesome friend and she always manages to find awesome friends, so by deduction Hüseyin Cuga must be awewsome too. Looking forward to talk to him.

    Suraj B