Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last week I joined an event "Ngabuburit Bersama Komunitas Hijabers Bekasi". Had so much fun with girls from KHB and the kids. May be I'm the one who's not wearing hijab in my daily and I feel so envy with them who looks so pretty wearing their Hijab with style and modesty. Here are some photos that taken from the event:

One thing I learned from that event is why can't we learn a little more about sharing and spend some of our money not in clubs or shopping mall but in an orphanage spreading smiles? Look at the kids, they were little, infinite bundles of joy showed as they received their gift packs.

I felt guilty, guilty for pretty much wasting my life for blowing up money and basking in the light of all things material. I need to find something productive to do like: volunteer with a charity, work at an orphanage - or something else which makes me feel like what I do actually matters.

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