Saturday, April 2, 2011


Not sure how late it was when my overly-active brain finally let me get to sleep last night. And then, this morning, it was overly active again and kept waking me up over and over, well before I needed to be awake. Now I need to be awake and UGH, although otherwise I feel okay. It's just ... I need presence of mind, focus, because I have to okay *sigh*.

I am just annoyed today. Annoyed in general. For no reason. I want to bite something. I think I am PMSing. I am pretty sure I am going to be doubled over in pain in the corner of the couch growling at people tomorrow, because that's what I do.

Who's responsible for my mood swing? YOU...YES YOU...YOU who sit in the corner laughing at my foolishness wasted my life just loving you. You, you, you and only you. You're dancing in my mind and disturb the peace of my mind. You are circulating in my system, taking over my transmissions, destroying me and all my visions. It's brains starting to hurt, seriously man!! Stop screwing with my heart!!!! Gaaaaaaahhh I should write a song about it. Anyone knows how to play guitar?


  1. Your blog's name is the same as that of my favourite song. ^.^

  2. Writing to reach you by Travis one of my fav too, I love Travis ^-^