Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Mozza Meets Mo77a

Once upon a time, there used to be a girl called Mozza. A shy girl which turn HOT in the virtual world ;D

One day, like any other day, she was logging to her Facebook account, adding some random people, hoping to have some fun new friends.The evening passed in it's merry overture and she was ready to logged off and back to another sphere of her life called "real life". But something made her stay a bit longer and add one more person.He's a guy called Mo77a. He accepted her to be his friend. They greeted one another. She smiled, he responded and then they talked.

She talked to him, like she's talk to any other stranger. And the next day, they talked again, this time a little longer. The following day, they spoke on the instant messaging system, for long. Slowly, they spoke everyday, laughed together and started to become friends. They started to discuss their lives. Talk about themselves.

Somehow, somewhere, they didn't know why, they liked spending all those hours on the instant messenger. Soon, the hours on the messenger translated into webcam session and they enjoyed it.They had fun.

Its weird how they're going from being strangers to being friends, then to being more than friends

Its been 4.5 years now.. and she's still piling on to the million little things with this one guy...
Her best friend...
Her sweetheart...
Her support...
Her backbone in every literal sense...

The pint of their relationship has always been over flowing with drama. Silent treatment is the thing she get from him when he's angry. He's even removed her from all his contact several times. But till date, a little sorry and a warm virtual hug kills all the drama and he is willing to be by her side again, holding on to her every time she's not strong enough to keep herself upright..

It is so easy with him. She don't have to look her best when she's with him.She doesn't have to sound sober and decent while talking to him. She can pout her lips a lot whenever she's miffed, and she doesn't mean the Angelina Jolie pout, or even that "ALAY" one. She can cry with pouring eyes and wipes her nose while they're having a webcam session (though she wish she can wipe it on his shirt :D)

He will never do things a normal guy best friend does.He sucks at expressing how much he cares for her but does stupid little things which make her heart melt..

He is not her boyfriend..
He is just HIM..


This one's to our friendship, Mo77a !!

I LOVE YOU MO77A!!! hahaha yeah I know you hate it so much when I say this to you... but you know you mean a lot to me... Mo77A you are like my brother (NO YOU ARE NOT MY brother), my closest friend which says SOOOOO a lot and lol hates it when I ask him to pout... you have made your place in my life as a friend who is there when no one else is, a friend which annoys me and calls me silly but cares for me in a very weird way...

Seriously I love you in a very weird way!

With love

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